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Mission Statement:

The Austin Screenwriters Group is a resource to serve local screenwriters, providing guidance and support in all areas of the field. We offer networking and marketing opportunities, critical feedback on works-in-progress, and a sense of community for our members. We are open to screenwriters of all levels of experience. Script readings are specifically designed to help our members hone their screenwriting talent.

1st Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at Austin History Center, 810 Guadalupe St
3rd Sundays from 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at Opal Divine's Davenport, 3801 Cap of Texas Hwy





Saturday, Oct 3
10:00 am-1:00 pm

Austin History Center Special meeting: work on loglines & pitches We'll have our annual "brainstorm on loglines" session followed by "how's my pitch" practice. We do this to get ready for opportunities at Austin Film Festival.
Sunday, Oct 18
Opal Divine's Davenport
3801 Capital of TX Hwy North
Rick Bee - The Fastest Loser A free-spirited mountain biker switches to off-road triathlons to help his sister's new company get off the ground, but his arch rival switches over too.

Wednesday, Oct 28
7:00-10:00 p.m.

Huston-Tillotson College

900 Chicon St
Austin TX (watch emails for room #)

Sebastian Twardosz - a TV/film executive and an adjunct professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, he's also a partner in Circus Road Films. Check out his project for indie filmmakers at The LipTV - http://thelip.tv/show/the-insiders/

Working out the details still, but it will be some sort of workshop, open to all. There will be a special something if you're a dues-paid ASG member.

This will be a potluck hors d'hoeuvres and BYOB. Bring some dish or snack to share. Or bring beer or wine or soda. Afterward, those who want to will take Sebastian out to a late dinner.

Are you coming? Bringing friends? RSVP and identify what you're bringing, food or drink, with Jim Gardner via his email.

Oct 29 - Nov 2 Downtown Austin

Austin Film Festival 2015

Sign up for the conference, even if just for one day (Saturday is best if you do). It's the best chance you'll get all year to get up-close with Hollywood movers and shakers. Chat them up when you see them in bars or standing in line for the movies! It's all good! Plus, the conference panels and presentations themselves are really worthwile and educational. We are so lucky to have a screenwriter-focused conference right in our front yard.

Do you want to have a table reading? Contact Diana McManus, our scheduler, at mystichealer2@sbcglobal.net.

Need to reschedule/cancel your reading?
Contact Diana right away so we have time to find a new screenplay and the weekend meeting won't be wasted!!

Please email Wendy Wheeler at scripts@wendy-wheeler.com with your loglines, if they're not posted. To get onto the schedule, contact the scheduler above. Please note that you MUST be a paid member of the ASG to be scheduled, and have attended at least 4 meetings.

More details on the ASG requirements are on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list.




The Austin Screenwriters Group has a mailing list on Yahoo. We highly recommend that you sign yourself up! We share networking, news, upcoming events, etc. Last-minute schedule changes are posted there, and are often the only way you'll know about them. Joining the list is easy, and you don't have to be a dues-paying member for it. Please note you must subscribe first, before you can post emails. The listserver software will bounce back emails that come from unregistered email addresses. (And there is a 2nd YahooGroups list for dues-paid members, where we work out group business and give pre-announcements on events. Dues are a mere $36/year...)

  1. Start from within the mailing address you wish to register, and send an email to: austinscreenwriters-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. (The reference line and content aren't important in the message.)
  2. You'll get a confirming email from the listserver at YahooGroups. Just follow the instructions (usually, it just asks you to respond and be sure to type at least a quick message to prove you're not spambot), and you should be on the list for the moderator to approve you. Sorry it's not one-step, but it's an anti-spam precaution.
  3. Once you get the message from Yahoo saying the moderator has approved you, you're registered on the listserver software and can then send emails easily to everyone on the ASG list by addressing them to: austinscreenwriters@yahoogroups.com.

ASG FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List

The FAQ list is on another page, and contains instructions on signing up for a reading, preparing your script for the reading, conducting the reading, and the feedback session. We suggest you visit the page and print it out. You can also get a copy of the information if you download a copy of the ASG brochure as a Word document, click here for that.


We keep a list of helpful writing and screenwriting books on another page.

How to format a script? It's a question at the top of the mind of many beginning writers. Here's a good discussion with samples written by a fan of Austin (he comes regularly to the Heart of Film Conference) Greg Beal, who coodinates the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship.

Writers Guild of America is the group that lobbies and negotiates on behalf of American screenwriters. It's also the place to register your scripts for protection, and if you live in Texas you should use the WGAw (West). The U.S. Patent Office issues copyrights for more-formal protection. Most of the screenwriting contests require that your script submissions be registered, in fact.

MovieBytes is another useful site which also features a listing of the many screenwriting contests each year, along with their open and closing dates, as well as other information.

Another wonderful host (this time, on the Internet) for the ASG is Randy Martin, who has the Web design and Web hosting company, Chili Design. Check out the awesome portfolio on his website! (And please note he had nothing to do with the dorky design of the ASG website!)

The ASG enjoys a very close relationship with the Austin Film Festival and Conference. What an awesome opportunity for education and networking they provide for local screenwriters! Originally called the Heart of Film, it was the first screenwriter-specific conference (now it has many imitators). It's a can't-miss event that happens in Austin each fall. Many of us submit scripts to the Heart of Film competition. Many of us also volunteer to be HoF readers each year--be looking for announcements on that to come from the HoF folks each spring. And the AFF provides other wonderful cinema-related events throughout the year.

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