Jill Chamberlain Workshop -- Courtesy of the ASG

June 16, 2007 -- 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. -- Bookpeople, 3rd Floor


COST OF SEMINAR: $0 (the Austin Screenwriters Group is funding this workshop)


MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED: No, all are welcome



* The General Principles of Dramatic Storytelling

* The Screenplay Workshop's exclusive "Movie in a Nutshell" method: a straightforward breakdown of the key elements of great screenplays and their essential interrelation. With this simple technique, you can get to the guts of your story and make sure it works before you've even started the script. Or, you can use the Nutshell method to take a finished screenplay and revise it so now it makes the 0.1% stack.

* An in-class exercise using the Nutshell method, so you can see it at work, start solving script problems with it, get feedback on it, and leave revved up to go write (or rewrite) your screenplay

* The Eight Sequence Story Outline, an easier way to handle your story. We'll take classic three-act screenplay structure and further break it down into the eight sequences that are in every great film. Certain events happen in specific sequences, no matter the story, and they should in your script, too.

* Writing the eight sequence outline to your story. We'll start to lay your story in the eight sequence outline.



Recommended viewing: Tootsie and Being John Malkovich will be used as examples during the seminar. Seeing or re-seeing them is highly recommended.



JILL CHAMBERLAIN is Director of The Screenplay Workshop and an award-winning filmmaker and professional screenwriter whose work has been seen in theaters across the U.S. and at over 80 film festivals on three continents. Jill studied in the MFA film program at Columbia University, where she also received her undergraduate degree in English. She works regularly as a screenwriter-for-hire, script doctor and script consultant. She has been a guest lecturer at Barnard College, Parsons School of Design, Film/Video Arts, NY's Donnell Media Center, Atlanta Film & Video Festival, Detroit Filmmakers Coop, Reel Women, and the Austin School of Film.

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